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The Internship

On the last Thursday, we bid farewell to two interns who spent two and a half months doing engineering internship here in KSM. Even though it's just a short time, we hope the interns had managed to learn a lot from the supervisors as it'd been a two-way relationship. The supervisors also obtained different insights while working with them.

Anyway, we got them to write about their experience here in KSM.

Khei Yinn, Seow, Year 2 Mechanical Engineer Student, University of Southampton

I was looking for a job related to acoustics or noise control, since I am going to further in Acoustical Engineering for my final 2 years of undergraduate degree. My intention was to experience a different working life. Last year, I did a research internship in the campus. So, this year, I decided to try out the industrial life, and indeed, both experiences are very different. Here in KSM Group, I got a quick insight of the working life in the noise control field. I learnt that communication is the main key, especially during project discussions. Everyone has the freedom to give out their ideas about the design of products. Multiple projects can flood in suddenly, and this is when the skill of multitasking became essential. I am also glad that the knowledge I learnt in university lectures are useful.  A big thank you to my supervisor and colleagues for their guidance throughout this internship. The experience and knowledge I gained here will definitely benefit myself when I further my studies.

Bryan Cheong, Year 2 Mechanical Engineer Student, Heriot Watt University

I'm a mechanical engineering student from Heriot Watt University who had the opportunity to complete an internship program at KSM Group during the summer break of 2018. During my time at KSM, I have been able to gain a lot of valuable knowledge and experience in relative to the mechanical and acoustic engineering field. I had been given the opportunity to help out in various projects that allowed me to translate in-class knowledge into real world applications. It also allowed me to understand what my strong suits are and what I want to work with in the future. Besides that, the colleagues over here at KSM are exceptional at their job and are always willing to teach and pass down valuable knowledge that they have learned throughout their engineering careers. Overall, I had an exceptional experience working at KSM, and to complete my internship at KSM has helped me to decide on what I would like to be working with in the future.

Once again, thank you for spending the time here and we wish you all the best in the rest of your academic years.

KSM Group are specialists in the Electrical, Instrumentation, Noise and Vibration control sectors, dedicated to making environments smarter and more efficient. Established in 1983, KSM Group has since evolved from a humble electrical company to trusted distributed and partner to some of the world’s biggest brands. In addition, we design and manufacture our Phoenix range of in-house noise control equipment. We are the first local manufacturer of top quality blowdown silencers. We achieve ISO 9001 recognition in 2000, a global standard for quality management systems. Our testing lab is the first in Malaysia for air distribution system silencers based on ISO 7235.

If you'd like to experience the internship here, please do send your resume to

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