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Image by Paul Volkmer
Unparalleled Pioneer in Noise Control

Towards a Quieter Environment.

Bespoke, high performance, and cost-effective noise control solutions for

worker safety, environmental harmony, and quality of life. 

Pioneer. Market Leader. Trusted Partner.

Since 1993, we never stop to deepen our expertise or expand our horizons. 

That is one of the reasons why top-rated builders, energy providers, and asset operators choose to work with us.

Many of our end clients are leaders within their field, leveraging our expertise to create a safe and conducive environment for their business and workforce.  

Why Phoenix?


Proven Performance

Our ISO-compliant and rigorously tested products are installed across Asia Pacific, such as:

SMART Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Talin Power Plant, Kaoshiung, Taiwan 

Rozelle WestConnex Interchange, Australia

Complete Customization

Bespoke design and manufacturing because each site's constraints and requirements differ.

From cleanroom criteria to Human Factors Engineering (HFE), we understand your industry-specific needs.

First-Rated Facility

Built according to ISO 7235, our test lab has been measuring attenuators' performance since 1995.

Our commitment to quality is unrivaled - only Phoenix by KSM has such a facility in Southeast Asia. 

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